Baton Rouge Trigger Point Therapy

Baton Rouge Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points in the body, commonly known as “muscle knots” consist of tense and tight areas of muscle tissue that is frequently the source of pain. The source of the pain however, may actually originate in other parts of the body. A trigger point or ‘knot’ in the back for example, may cause debilitating pain in the neck area. Qualified Massage 4 Life Now massage therapists are trained and experienced to identify the source of muscle pain and administer treatments to provide lasting relief from chronic pain for our Baton Rouge clients.

Identifying Trigger Points and Associated Conditions

Trigger points on the body are classified as either active or latent. Active points are the source of muscular pain. Qualified Massage 4 Life Now practitioners apply effective treatment to release pain and physical tension at its source through massage treatment in an alternate area.

Relief for Decreased Mobility and Fibromyalgia

Latent trigger points, on the other hand, do not always correspond to pain in another part of the body and may cause discomfort only when constricted. Frequently the cause of stiff joints and declining mobility as we age, latent trigger points are also associated with chronic pain syndromes that include fibromyalgia.

Trigger Point Treatment Plans

Releasing trigger points increases muscle strength and flexibility and improves range of motion. Massage 4 Life Now massage therapists are trained and experienced to identify affected areas and provide lasting relief with professional massage therapy treatments. Many clients experience significant relief following one or two trigger point therapy treatments. The frequency of treatment varies and depends on your condition.

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Trigger Point Therapy benefits:

Trigger point therapy is considered to be an alternative health therapy and it has numerous benefits ranging from releasing trigger points throughout the body to reducing trauma in the muscle fibers. The use of trigger point therapy is common for a variety of care in injury recovery. It's often considered to be an aspect of massage therapy and chiropractic care. Trigger point therapy can have some incredible benefits for the body. Here are some of the top benefits that you can experience by choosing trigger point therapy:

Avoiding surgery:

Trigger point therapy can often help with the symptoms of pain to the point where surgery could be avoided. Trigger points within a chronic pain can actually be extremely debilitating for your health. Getting immediate treatment can help to make sure that you don’t have do suffer from ongoing pain. A personalized treatment plan can make sure that the pain you are dealing with can be improved.

Shortening treatment with physiotherapy:

Trigger point therapy can help to speed injury recovery by targeting the areas that have been affected most often. By directly targeting areas with trigger point therapy it is possible to speed recovery and prevent the chance that a person could develop a long debilitating injury as a result of their point of acute pain.

Improving movement:

Trigger point therapy can help with improving movement and the range of movement in an area. Trigger points exist in our muscles but the pain that we feel can often prevent us from having the added flexibility that we need. With improvements to our movement, it is possible to enjoy a greater amount of flexibility and faster recovery through circulation.

Reducing headaches:

Trigger points in the neck as well as in your upper back can often cause frequent headaches. With the help of a release technique, you can work at alleviating ongoing headaches and even help with symptoms like migraines.

Better circulation:

Trigger point therapy can actually work to improve circulation in areas throughout your body. This can lead to you feeling warmer, enjoying lower blood pressure as well as a speedy recovery in your muscles after an accident.

Improving your posture:

Trigger point therapy can eliminate some of the tension that you might be carrying in your body and this can often result in better posture which can reduce muscle strain overall. With better posture, you can work up your core strength and feel more confident.

Pushing athletic training:

Trigger point therapy is commonly used as a tool that can improve your ability with athletics. Because you'll experience less downtime it's possible to enjoy a better experience that you can use to push your athletic training and your physical abilities much further. Having access to therapy can make sure that you can enjoy only the best in athletic progress.

Consider some of these top benefits and more if you are thinking about going in for trigger point therapy. This method of massage and needling is commonly associated with acupuncture but it provides a very different form of benefits and release.

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